Crash during deployment of custom server

Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(-1073741515), launchPath(C:\game\MyCustomGameLiftServer.exe), arguments(null), instanceId(i-07186f305da065d2f), publicIP(, gameSessionId(none), occurrences(296 for this instance in a 5 minute period)

how to debug where to look for the error? everything is ok in the local run using windows 11 and gamelift local.

the thing is, i cant use get-instance to login to the instance as

  1. I dont know where I can find the instance ID as all instance just died after the error
  2. the crash happened during deployment.


Are you sure that the instances are dying? The server processes may be crashing but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any active instances in your fleet.