Crashing instantly when entering Game Mode


As soon as I hit CTRL+G, or select Game Mode from the menu, the editor crashes. Doesn’t seem like I can attach .dmp files here, but I included the an image of the error message and submitted the report

Any ideas?.

Hey @Zloka - Welcome to the Lumberyard Community!

I’m sorry for this experience – let me get some answers for ya ASAP. If you could, please zip up the .dmp file and upload it here to aid in our investigation as well :slight_smile:

Did you happen to use the camera_manager.slice in the project? If so, try removing it. It’s been causing the instant game mode crash.

camera_manager.slice was indeed the culprit, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Ah, didn’t read the supported formats properly so thought you only accepted variations of image files. As VeganBurrito86 predicted, camera_manager.slice was the cause of the issue. Nevertheless, I attached the zipped .dmp (382 KB)

Nice! Thanks for sharing and unblocking this process @VeganBurrito86 and @Zloka! I’ve sent this over to the team for further investigation :slight_smile: Will keep you posted on updates –