Create an Asset Store?

I’m thinking about creating an asset store dedicated to Lumberyard to help get the community on board! Is this legally allowed, or do I have to wait for an official store to open?

You can sell your assets freely with Unity and Unreal Engine, so I think this is allowed, correct?

EDIT: I need an official answer from the Amazon staff please.

Alright, thanks!


I am not a lawyer, and you should seek independent legal counsel for a definitive answer to this sort of question. That said, there are many websites that sell art content, sounds, code, and tools for video game development.

I’m working with our legal team to come up with clear language around redistribution of code patches, plugins, system modifications, game data, scripts, and full game projects. I recommend not redistributing that sort of resource until we have specific guidelines for doing it in a way that does not breach the license.

Tbh whilst it will be convenient to have an official asset store available in-engine the way that Unity has in a separate tab (if I’m remembering correctly…?) I personally don’t see the need to have these things there when there are plenty of websites out there that do the exact same thing. Just my twopenneth!

where are these assets, what baout bitcoin chains inside the engine?

If it’s just people posting links to free assets, that legally should be fine, but if any money is getting transferred then it’s best to leave that to Amazon.

In my opinion at this stage, it is meaningless, the engine need to unleash that people would want to work on it. In Crytek it did not work, maybe Amazon will be able to create an engine that could become a competitor UE4, and at this stage it is still the same Cryengine all the same problems need serious modifications