Create another forum for Lumberyard unrelated Topics (e.g. Amazon GameLift)

I would suggest to create another Amazon forum for Lumberyard unrelated topics like e.g. Amazon GameLift.

The forum head picture says Lumberyard by amazon. On the otherside the URL is So I get it, the AWS GameTech division is maintaining both, Lumberyard and completely separate AWS cloud related projects. Just from the user perspective, there is little overlap.


Thanks for the feedback.

I will bring it to the attention of the GameLift and Lumberyard teams.

I agree, as it seems GameLift related topics are frequently related to projects built with game engines other than Lumberyard (this was the same in the previous forums iirc). Although they are tagged as GameLift, still feels as if the engine is somewhat undercut by this.

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I agree with guys we need separate forum, what will be mainly oriented on game engine itself.

Aslo it’s will be nice if you LyTeam create something like unity store, but for LY’s where we can upload or download free/pay assest and gems

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This is just my opinion, but I am not sure if there are enough unrelated topics to warrant a separate forum. However, I do agree that the forum head picture shouldn’t say lumberyard, perhaps a AWS Game Tech logo would be more appropriate.

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Sure @chrisgong, I agree that currently the volume of posts is minor and may not require its own forum, although conceivably GameLift should warrant one. Just seems to make for muddy waters as it is.

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