Creating a new project does not work....

So it seems I am not able to make a new project. I wanna load a new project with no starter content or samples but I cannot. I have been told it is a known problem but when will there be a resolve? It does make the setup process of my project troublesome.

P.S I do have all the contents required. (Visual studio/SDKs) when I close the “Switch Project” Screen it just takes me to another sample. So I don’t know why it says “Project Created”


Not know what error you are getting in the log, I tried this that I saw a post that suggested “checking the compile engine…”. You then should load the addiional SDK libraries. after everything gets loaded, go bak and uncheck it, then try creating a new project. It worked for me to get through this.

I am having trouble right now with trying to get “lmbr_waf configure” working.