Creating a Release Build

I’m trying to create a release build and Ive followed the instructions to the T, however it still doesnt work. When I run SamplesProjectLauncher.exe all I get is a black screen. I really dont understand this. I get that this is beta and its not very user friendly yet but can someone please break down this process more specifically? Im used to engines like Unity building my games for me and do not understand how this kind of thing works, not to say that I havent done my share of digging to try to find a solution but this is really beyond me.

Also I have no idea how to “use the console to load levels I want shaders generated for”.

Thanks in advance

thanks for the help guys, seemed to work. After the next step where I build game and engine in release mode, where do I copy the bin64 folder to and where in it is the release build executable? Cant seem to find it.

Thanks in advance

Thanks @sivx. @stogeflame once the level is loaded the shaders will be processed automatically.

Hello @stogeflame!

When you build the release executable it is put in the dev\Bin64 folder and overwrites the profile build that you created previously. Since you are following the release tutorial the executable name will be SamplesProjectLauncher.exe.

As for the location to copy the Bin64 folder it should be the same place you copied the Bin64 folder to generate the shaders (samplesproject_pc_paks folder according to the document).