Creating a Sprite Animation Sequence in Lumberyard UI

I am attempting to make a 2D game using the Lumberyard UI Editor, and I have hit a snag. I need to change the sprite associated with a particular UI element in order to create a sprite animation. I saw the instructions on creating a UI animation here, but when I attempt to record the animation, the “Sprite path” Image property doesn’t get added as a node. My questions are as follows:

  • Is the “Sprite path” Image property one of those component properties that cannot be recorded?
  • Are sprite animations possible in the Lumberyard UI editor?
    • If so, is there a tutorial available that tells me how to do this?
    • If not, is there a workaround available?
      I saw the posts here and here about tilesets not being supported, but my sprites are in individual files, so it is not directly related.

I am liking what I see in Lumberyard so far, but sprite animations are a major requirement for my project.

Hi @Roosevelt.Boyland,

It is true that the sprite path cannot be animated by UI Animation sequences. However, in the v1.12 release which is close to being released, we now support spritesheets.

So you can pack several images into one texture and then animate the sprite sheet index on the image component using a Flipbook Animation component to animate the sprites.

Currently the UI Animation sequences do not allow animation of integer properties so you cannot animate the sprite sheet index from a sequence but we plan to support that in a future release.