Crowdfunding with Lumberyard

Hello everybody.

I would like to use Indiegogo (crowdfunding site) for my project

and for advertising use promotional video gameplay.

Then there will be used materials obtained by using Lumberyard.

I’m confused. What do I need to do?

  1. Do I need to register my project?

Is this a public release?

  1. I will need to use trademarks Lumberyard in video.

Where do I get the video version of the logo?

Or should I do it myself?

  1. Whether materials approval process required with Amazon?

If so what are the terms of consideration?

  1. Maybe there is something else that I have not mentioned,

but it is important. Any ideas?

Excuse my bad English!

Hi @Chuguev - thanks for reaching out. I think @AMZN_Rob may have a bit of insight, but ultimately when it comes to any license or commercial use questions we recommend that you consult a lawyer to make sure you’re aware of local requirements as well as Lumberyard/Amazon requirements.

For question 2) check out our Brand Guidelines which will include the logo and the requirements for use. After reviewing the guide, if you have questions please let us know!