Crucible - New Game From Amazon

Hello Lumbernauts!

Crucible, the new game from Amazon Games is releasing today!

Crucible is built using the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. We’ve taken advantage of the fully customizable, modular nature of Lumberyard to make many game specific changes to the engine for Crucible. This includes a cutting edge lighting system, which provides stunning, performant graphics. In addition, we custom built an authoritative game server technology that provides both latency mitigation and cheat prevention.

For more info, check out the Crucible dev blog at:

FAQ on Crucible :

Q: What is Crucible?

A: Crucible is a third-person action shooter where your gameplay is defined by the choices you make

Q: What is the gameplay like?

A: Hunt. Every hunter has a unique set of weapons and abilities that will help you take out the opposition. In each match, you’ll level up and unlock access to upgrades that augment and enhance your abilities. You’ll need to adjust to ever-changing battle conditions in each of the 3 available game modes. Learn how to take advantage of the map, objectives and your opponents’ weaknesses in order to win.

Q: Where can I get it?

A: Crucible is available on Steam, see link below.