Current limit of fleets of 0 have been reached


I’ve created and then terminated a fleet. Now I have the number of fleets in dashboard equal to zero, but when I try to create new fleet the following error appears:

“Error! Cannot create the fleet. Reason: Current limit of fleets of 0 have been reached…”

What is a reason of that and how is it possible to fix that?

Since I have no fleet left on this page the only information that I have is the following build ID: build-02cf3ccc-7a0f-4e31-a3e1-77f0e664c7e2

I am in region eu-central-1.

Thanks for your help

Hey @3DExtended - we think there might be a problem with your AWS account itself, apart from GameLift. I would encourage you to reach out to AWS Support who can take it from there:

Thanks! I’ll do that ASAP.

Could you give me more information on what you think could be wrong with my account? I am writing back and forth with the AWS support and they aren’t helping my like at all…