Curriculum for High School course

I am currently teaching animation and video game design courses at a public high school. I just learned about Amazons lumberyard. Anyone want to write a HS curriculum with me? I believe that this can be an excellent opportunity for all involved.

Would this be an open for all curriculum for anyone to view?

I would consider helping with this but fear we are a long way away at this point as everything is so new…

Use 3DS Max it is the most compatible. Make sure you set aside a few weeks at least for importing.

Make it a comprehensive Udemy class and I’ll pay for it!

Hey @DrMack — sounds awesome! Please send us an email at with your contact info :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how I have previously missed your message (from 2 years ago), but I’m working on a curriculum for teaching the full pipeline using Lumberyard. If you are interested, please send me a message at and will see how we can help each other.
FYI, I’m using Lumberyard at the undergrad level, but I’m approaching the textbook(s) in a manner that they would be appropriate for high school use.