Dear Amazon, I respectfully request the creation of proper forums for your game engine support-system. Thk U.

The average developer expects to see thousands of users flock here within the month…well, that would simply require a forum with topic-based sections and perhaps subsections … as to control and mitigate the influx of posts for a variety of reasons that nearly all developers know too well.
This current setup: a single section, will prove to be a headache and a hot-mess in the coming weeks.
I respectfully request that your team implements a forum system that is more aligned with the industry standard.
Thank You.

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Totaly agree on that! this is just some sort of a Q&A board :frowning:

I’ve noticed that you can sort the forum by tags, which seems to create a topical view like so. Out of curiosity, do you feel that this is sufficient, and if not, what is the gap between that feature and what you envision? Is it an issue of discoverability? Or is it an issue where there’s no structure that encourages people to use specific tags for specific topics?

A new unoffical forum as been created at May want to join.

Is this thread locked (I see a lock icon next to topic line)!?
If so, that is beyond childish and enough reason to make me avoid this engine.

ok, so what is with the “Lock symbol” ?
I understand progress, but this forum is a hot mess.

Hi Hylebos, The tag system, if used to sort, will quickly and eventually become a 10 page hot mess. Then 20 pages.
The reason behind forum sections is to pre-sort… at which time tagging would then be an additional help.

…this is a hot mess… pages and pages of posts in a day… repeated questions…over and over…
This feels over the top amateur.

[now I am noticing there is no “Edit” function either…sigh] …I am quickly losing the energy to bother with this place.
Anyhow…history will repeat itself here and show it’s unwelcomed head…the hot mess syndrome will occur and this place will be plagued by a multitude of repeated posts because 90% of the visitors will only tag and not search tags…and even then, subject matter limited to tags is only a catalyst or the hot mess syndrome.
…I’ve been doing community centric & forums work on the side for 15 years now… this will happen.

maxaud, nice of you to start or share the link. Thx.
I hope that amazon doesn’t have a clause against that. :confused:

FYI: many others have suggested it and they are taking aciton: