Dedicated server

Q. Do I have to run my game on AWS?
No. If you own and operate your own private servers, you do not need to use AWS. You also don’t need to use AWS if your game does not use any servers. For example, if you release a free-standing single-player or local-only multiplayer game, you pay us nothing.

So couple questions:

According to the FAQ, I can’t use a third party dedicated server to host my online multiple player FPS game(i.e. CS:GO)?

If our game allow (who ever buys our game) to create/host a dedicated server on their on computer or via a third party will they be requite to use AWS?

I’m glad I could help, @SonKim.

Regarding pricing, you can manage EC2 servers manually (deployment, scaling, logging, analytics) or you can take advantage of GameLift to handle much of it for you.

The EC2 prices also change depending on if you want the servers on demand, on contract, or whenever we have some to spare.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have regarding AWS hosting.


thanks! I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. We’ll need servers either way, so it’s not a big deal if its from Amazon or a third party. Hopefully AWS price is competitive to whats out there.


We’re discussing this topic internally, but the current license requires your end-users to host their dedicated servers on either:

  • Hardware wholly-owned by the end-user
  • Amazon Web Services
    This may change in the future, but it might not. We’re also investigating ways to make it easier for end-users to host their dedicated servers on AWS. If something changes, I’ll let you know.

If this is a barrier to adopting the engine for a large project, please reach out to us here: