Deformable ground possible?

Is it possible with lumberyard to have deformable ground like snow and sand?


The engine has code in the renderer for deformable snow but I’m not certain all the steps you need to go through to set it up with material effects, footprints etc.

Some of the code can be found in D3DDeferredPasses.cpp line ~823 in function FX_DeferredSnowDisplacement

cvars involved: r_snow, r_SnowDisplacement

You can also deform the actual terrain (for example if an explosion goes off and you want a crater) via ITerrain: : SetTerrainElevation


Any chance this will be implemented in easy mode in engine? Personally I am not a coder and Indon’t know how to create a proper way to make characters sink in snow while walking , Unreal has already something like that done Inthink throught shader.

That is a great suggestion and I’ve added a feature request to make sure we’ve captured it.

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Any update on this effect ?

hi! you always can play with heightmap, here is my old example

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Thankyou , this though is not the same as a dynamic terrain deformation like snow , you can sink terrain like if you dig , but what I am asking is something like this :slight_smile:

hi! oh now i see what you means.
but for this feature needs to be added the “snow terrain” with own heightmap and so on…
here is info about procedural snow. starts from 93 slide

It seems to me at this stage it is impossible to do due to the lack of the ability to create a second height map

Lumberyard so is backward concerning that technology that all other game engines do have already?