Deploy to Android

Hi folks,

I’m trying to deploy my test project to Android. It builds the APK, but it seems I cannot push the assets. Initially, “/storage/emulated/legacy” was invalid for the device, but after running the (crashing) app and checking logcat, looks in its searching in:


Setting either of those paths in the lmbr_waf yields simply the following:

> lmbr_waf.bat build_android_armv7_clang_profile -p game --deploy-android-root-dir='/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/'
Starting to deploy to android device 0ada6a4ed048c4cc
Copying all assets to the device 0ada6a4ed048c4cc. This may take some time...
[WARN] android deploy: adb command to push all the files to the device failed.
[WARN] android deploy: could not deploy the build to any connected devices.
[WAF] 'deploy_android_devices_clang_profile' finished successfully (1.263s)

Is there a way to get verbose output to see what’s going on? I’ve tested manually pushing files to those locations, and that worked. So something else must be missing? I have all the assets generated (presumably) and sitting in /Cache.