Describe-instances does not list non-home fleets in multi-location fleet

If you have a fleet with a non-home location then aws gamelift describe-instances --fleet-id xxx will only show the home-location instances. I tried added the location with a --region param but that doesn’t work either.

This breaks ssh’ing into the non-home fleets because I need to describe-instances to do get-instance-access (which also might be broken for non-home locations).

I need a fix or workaround ASAP.

Hi @ig_tyler

--region specifies the AWS endpoint, i.e. the home region that you are calling. You need to specify --location instead, e.g. aws gamelift describe-instances --fleet-id xxx --location ap-northeast-1

See doc: describe-instances — AWS CLI 1.22.88 Command Reference

Ah, I just had to update my aws cli and now it’s all there and working. Thanks!

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