DescribePlayerSession PlayerSessionStatusFilter should allow more than one value

Currently if I’m trying to see if the player already has a game session, I use DescribePlayerSession. However, I can only pass in a single status filter (RESERVED or ACTIVE is what I want). If I pass no filter I get a ton of results that are useless. I can break this into 2 separate requests, but ideally I could pass in something like “RESERVED, ACTIVE” or a |, : or whatever you want.

Unfortunately this API only takes a single status. If you have a lot of player sessions per game session then obviously the results can be a little verbose but its fairly easy to page through and filter out the results on the client side.

I assume you are trying to find all the non completed player sessions or similar?

I’ll let the GameLift service team know of your request.

It’s really for the reconnect case. I need to look for reserved in the case that you just asked for a session and haven’t connected and also the case that you were connected and got disconnected.