[Dev Blog] Building Battle-Tested Network Transport

Hello Lumbernauts!

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We are planning a series of Lumberyard related dev blogs with lots of interesting topics so keep an eye out for those in the future!

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Are all the features being talked about in these dev blogs getting implemented in the next release of lumber yard?

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As far as I know the build system, and renderer should be in the next release. I have not heard much on the network transport though.

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Yes, everything will be in the next release. Build system, math changes, new renderer, new network transport and multiplayer, new script canvas backend, and a bunch of other stuff we haven’t talked about yet. All of this is in the current development branch.


Well this is really good news :slight_smile:

Hi all, quick update, the Networking feature will no be in the next release, but planned for a later release this year.

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Indeed, thank you for the correction! I hadn’t realized 1.28 was still unreleased when I posted that reply. Everything being announced in the dev blogs and on discord is in the release after 1.28.

The new Render system will not be this update as its not 100% ready, will be in the update after this. This allows time for them to fix any issues before releasing since its such a large and major change.

This is based on Rumors and can not be confirmed or denied. “No Comment”.

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Saw this a few days ago, but got around to posting it on the News channel of the Discord.