[Dev Blog] The Future of the Lumberyard Build System

Hello Lumbernauts!

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We are planning a series of Lumberyard related dev blogs with lots of interesting topics so keep an eye out for those in the future!

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I do like to here the movement to CMake is coming. This would help a lot of new devs figure it out a lot easier from the start. My only issue which should not really be an issue is, I am hoping the docs will have a page on this that resembles the old page in a way. Learning WAF was very easy with the docs page on it. Thanks for the info @lmbr_Saulty great read!


it’s not VR feature, but a very good step !!!
i can’t wait to see what was done in practice

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docs are a first-order bit for delivering this feature. we hope you’ll be happy when the time comes! :wink:


This is great news regarding the build system. :slight_smile:

Bit of a request though - Document the heck out of it and Make it useable with CMake GUI. Keep up the great work

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