Difference Between 1.21.00 and 1.20.00 in CryPack?

Hi, in my game i use interactive assets between server and game client. When Server send new Asset for Game Client. Game Client do next:

  1. gEnv->pCryPak->ClosePack(…);
  2. archivePinter = gEnv->pCryPak->OpenArchive(…);
  3. archivePinter ->UpdateFile(…);
  4. delete archivePinter ;
    5 gEnv->pCryPak->OpenPack(…);

In 1.20.00 and lower all works good, but in 1.21.00 after first try (successful) can`t work with pack file. I can’t even delete it “AZ::IO::FileIOBase::GetDirectInstance()->Remove(“myPackFilePath”);”

What was changed with *.pak workflow in 1.21.00? Any Help Will be nice :slight_smile:

How i understand situation. If i create Pak i can do any operation with him, but if i try load any asset from that Pak to game, after that i can`t work with Pak even if I’ll wait fully loaded finished asset from Pak.