Do I need PhysX?

Hi All. In fact, I want to develop a simple plane game with Lumberyard.
In this game, I can see cloud (that in sky), fog, smoke. And I will “die” when collide with ground, hill or building.
I will write a function to calculate my height. Thus, I don’t need PhysX to calculate my height.
But, do I need PhysX for cloud, sky or smoke?
Thank you.


You don’t need PhysX for what you describe, certainly not for sky or smoke, or any game really. It’s possible to roll your own simple collision and overlap detection any number of ways. However, PhysX makes collision detection very easy, particularly with terrain, it’s simple to set up, it’s fun to play with, and you can make much more interesting crashes if you use it :wink:

It might be fun to try to use PhysX to some extent to simulate flight, impulses for lift and force regions to simulate downdrafts and what not.


Hi @microAMZN, Thank you!