Do I need to know Lua and/or C++?

Just starting to get my feet wet with this whole game development thing and I see lumberyard supports Lua and C++. I am definitely down for learning a programming language too, my question is: do I need to learn both or is one(which one?) sufficient? Thanks!

You dont need to learn both unless you want too, for me learning multiple languages can help better understand what might elude you in another language.

Alot of devs who have switched over to Lumberyard from other engines, find that C++ is very “digestive” compared to other engine implementations.

I enjoy lua and SC and usually teach in that manner, so either way you are golden, I would atleast learn your way around C++ tho even if its for light editing and digging thru the code yourself, it can only make your life easier in the long run.

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Thanks for the advice!