Do the sole connection to an ebus represent a valid reference to prevent gc to collect the table?

I wanted to create a Lua table that gets disconnected from all event bus as soon as it gets out of scope or set to null.

is it possible or I really require a method to delete the table manually?

I also not understand a clear way to disconnect when an assert blocks the execution while event bus is still connected.

you can set up an event to notify the table that “it’s out of scope”, then have a function disconnect it from all the event buses(seperately).

As for the table I’m pretty sure it’s only self-accessible once you disconnect it from the other scripts(practically the only thing that connects your scripts with the environment are EBuses), so you could leave it attached to a bus and just have it not working until asked… it won’t use up much cpu if it’s only an if check in a bus you wouldn’t use often.