Documentation for "Jack" (player slice)?

Hi to all,

Does anyone have clear understanding about PlayerSlice lua scripting? If yes then does some documentation exist?

As I understand this is the best example for animated “player controller” realization.

Actually I have many question about Jack movement scripting, but the first question is:

What is “ControlsEnabled” variables (description = “If passed ‘1.0’ it will enable controls, oherwise it will disable them.”)


“ControlsEnabledToggle” (description = “Enables/Disables controls.”)

from “jackmovementdirectionprovider.lua”, “movementcontroller.lua” scripts contained in “Jack” entity? I can’t find where are they initially generated and what is a purpose?

Hey @geotype — we realize that this is an imperative part of the Starter Game sample and are actively addressing and improving it. We hope to have something for this topic soon :slight_smile:

If I had to guess, I would say that is used then the starting UI is displayed so that Jack isn’t running around and responding to input while you stare at the “press any key to start” screen.