Documentation Generator - Design document

Do you know if it could be possible to generate automatic documentation or collect ourself info easily to make a kind of software design document, like for example to have a listing of the Events with the parameters and tooltips, listing of Variables by scritps, scripts by Entity … ?

As a first step the list of Events with names and parameters could be helpful … :+1:

While documentation is important I would much rather the lumberyard team take the time to fill out the engine more with features and bug fixes to bring it out of beta stage and give it more stability. But I agree that keeping in mind documentation during the development process is important and I hope the lumberyard team has that in consideration. It would be great to have a reference for that stuff and designing the code for autogeneration would certainly make far less work for the team.

Probably @wcb, especially since it’s something we can do by hand or with print screens in a simple word doc … unlike bug fixing :wink:

Maybe, as I don’t think there are so many bugs compare to other game engines it could arrive rapidly, or it could become in a first step a reality by using simple extracts from existing files. :thinking:

The other solution would be to guide us to files to check by creating our own personal tool to extract useful information when we debug or reuse a project a little forgotten …

Why I like auto-documentation is also often a source of better reflection thanks to the better visibility obtained on the software design and how it’s really organized/understood inside the game engine.