Does GameLiftServerSdk C# needs to be always in Unity or can it be used in standalone CLI?

I have downloaded the SDK GameLift_12_22_2020 and unzip it, i went to GameLift-CSharp-ServerSDK-4.0.2 folder and read the readme, it does seem that it promotes Unity only.
But looking at the code in unity, it is just a straight up C# console application and can be translated to a standalone console app

Can I use the C# SDK to build and run a standalone console CLI (ex a .netcore)?
The code seems to be so but im not sure if the dependencies will work on .netcore

Ps. I am still on a trip moving city so i cant do trial and error yet, that is why i asked before i exert effort when im settled.

Hi, @Bond007

Yes, the server SDK is essentially a facade for calling a websocket server on the GameLift EC2 Instance. It doesn’t necessarily need to be used in conjunction with Unity. You can test your code with GameLiftLocal found in the same zip you downloaded; GameLiftLocal imitates the websocket server behavior on the GameLift EC2 instance.