Does Lumberyard have online team project support?

Thinking about transferring a project from Unreal Engine over to Lumberyard or Unity. The only thing holding me back right now, aside from getting familiar with Lumberyard itself, is that I can currently network online with others who are working on the project and can import assets such as sound, objects, textures, etc even though they are not local.

Does Lumberyard have support for or the capability to allow other Lumberyard users to access content? I’ve noticed through the AWS CodeStar web app that you can create projects that others can also access but I don’t see any documentation as far as Lumberyard is concerned. The tutorial mentions using slices that others can import but it doesn’t go into further detail as far as using slices between project members.

Hi @rinks361, having an online project creation and collaboration tool for Lumberyard would be really useful, but doesn’t exist yet. Currently most developers use source control (Perforce, Git etc) to share their game project files with all team members and a separate project management tools to track tasks (Jira, Trello etc). For example, I have a fork of Lumberyard for a prototype game I occasionally work on (in a branch called flite) I use git submodules to keep my gems and my project in separate private git repositories. If anyone wanted to work on the game with me they clone the repo, install Lumberyard and then can compile the game or modify assets depending on what their role is. Ideally, if you are working with team members who don’t need or want to compile code you would also provide them with the compiled binaries and leave out all the code folders. For that I would probably have a fork of Lumberyard where I strip all that stuff out but still have my submodules for my project and gems.