Does Lymberyard team have any plans to replace cryengine old, heavy, and slow renderer with something modern and newest?

…for instance replace with Diligent Graphics core?

That’s is my question.
We see how with every new iteration of Ly’s engine, ly’s killing cryengine’s features within itself , but why amazon still keeping support and use CryRenderer in Ly engine? When it’s just can use free modern middleware for LyRenderer. What can support more platforms and more graphics api. And it’s a lot faster than cryRenderer what was written in ages when dx9 was used, so it’s core all based on old graphics paradigm.

Thanks, with best regards Fluffy

Hey @fluffy I am not sure why they don’t, but there is a good reason. If Ly gets rid of CryRenderer they will lose their big triple A rendering technology. Instead they should just “Tweak” the renderer so it runs faster, and is a little more modern. Thats only my take not a Amazon dev, just a heads up. :grinning:

hey @WashedUpStudios , did you see code of renderer? ))
there not helped - just “tweak”, there need rewrite all, bcoz the renderer’s code is mess and it’s heavy.
They better take a new bare GAPI like Vulkan/DX12 and make own AAA-renderer, if they dont wants use free middleware for some reason.
AZN have resources for this, this will helps for Ly a lot.
at the beginning own Ly’sRenderer may be like a gem in gems, in future it’s just replace cryengine mess at all


Yes @fluffy I know a company does not want to use free software and not their own as much as possible. So you are correct they should make their own software with Vulkan/DX12 and make it a signature LumberRenderer :sweat_smile:

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Indeed! haha LumberRenderer :rofl:
you are better hurry to register this ©™ signature first, till they thinking about all of this xd

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just add here few useful links on new hypothetical middleware for the LumberRenderer:

@fluffy I like the links you got here :+1: Honestly Lumberyard should definitely try out the idea of there own LumberRenderer due to how slow the CryRenderer actually is. I was using Unreal Engine a few days ago “For quick prototyping” and realized they have an ok renderer which can handle a lot compared to what I see on Lumberyard and Cryengine.

Hi all, thanks for the feedback and constructive discussion about Lumberyard. These are great suggestions and this sort of feedback from you all, our community, are what helps to drive our plans and roadmap.

Currently, we do not have a public roadmap that we can share, but please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas and having discussions like this.

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Will do @Binky_LMBR! Love to help the engine as much as possible :+1:

Great, my first post, greeted by something called a Discobot. Gee that sounds fun but where’s the Beegee music? So, say I was looking to hire a team of guys to work on a game, would I simply want to pay for add ons or should I consider getting something coded for greater efficiency anyway? Thanks!

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Hi @mikefromspace, what are you talking about? add ons for what, the LY engine, and/or what do you mean coded for greater efficiency, thanks for the question :+1:.

I think LY’s render team definitely should look on this…

This is a graphics framework based on a concept of a render graph: modern way of designing a realtime renderer where you first define what’s going to happen in your entire frame and then the engine can figure out on how to execute it optimally, safely and doing as much synchronization heavylifting automatically as possible. For example, if you say that you’re going to use a texture as a rendertarget first and then you’re going to sample from it, rendergraph can create all needed barriers just from this information.

Lumberer sounds even better do i think😂

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:joy: I mean not bad, love how the topic still gets great people to respond to it! Thanks @Philip

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It seems that you don’t know anything about Cryengine. The rendering capabilities of Cryengine is better than any other engine because it is always realtime. It doesn’t need any baking to achieve a better lighting for a scene like Unreal and Unity does. That is the reason why Lumberyard will not change its renderer. And the same reason why no matter what happens Cryengine is always one of those game engine with sophisticated technology. Vulkan implementation will surely come in Lumberyard since most of hardware now are inclined to use it. Lumberyard goal is to make the Cryengine technology user-friendly. Because that is the only problem of Cryengine. Cryengine and Lumberyard is already a realtime renderer engine.

oh c’mon? I know this renderer a lot:

Renderer’s picture looks outdated, like it still comes to us from 2009 year. And LY’s team doing nothing to make it’s looks cool and newer.
Did you ever work with cry’s renderer code? Or shader code? It’s just mess. It’s seems what you even do not looked into the code

You are so funny. The looks of the game depends on the one that uses the engine. You are either an Unreal fanboy or Unity enthusiast. Anything you can do in Unreal or Unity is also possible in Lumberyard and Cryengine. Outdated? It only depends on Graphics API implementation. Sooner it will be Vulkan. You know study things deeply before you talk because it seems to me that you are just talking without a deep understanding of the topic. Because many developers who is knowledgeable with this engine will laugh at you. You think that Star Citizen developer will use outdated game engine in their game? Is that a look of outdated rendering? A little advice. Don’t pretend you are genius. It has nothing to do with Lua and Script Canvas. Because the render code of Lumberyard and Cryengine is natively C++. Lua is just for some functionalities of the engine. It is realtime engine. No baking except using Environment Probe. Amazon will not waste money on something that has no cutting edge technology.

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All 3d games use realtime rendering, by definition.

I think what you’re getting at is that Cryengine uses only dynamic lighting, rather than the pre-baked static lightmaps. That has its pros and cons, depending on what you want to do. Other engines do also have the option of dynamic lighting. Fortnite is fully dynamic, for example.

Oh you are just trolling me. if you was working with engine code and was trying wrote code to make new graphics pipeline or made new shader you should understand what code base of renderer is just shit. Dude you’ll need just digging into the renderer’s code to understand this.
the buying of cryenging was big misstake for AMZ, they can write own’s renderer what will be better.

Trolling? I am simply expanding your knowledge. LMAO. Big mistake? If you observe the evolution of graphics technology carefully. Its aim is ray tracing. Ray tracing requires realtime computation. Cryengine and Lumberyard has that because of its core engineering is realtime from the beginning. Other game engine like Unreal doesn’t have that. They are trying to implement it. But if you watch their talks about ray tracing they warn their developer not to use global illumination in large forest scene. It is so funny because Crysis is already using that technology without a problem. Cryengine has SVOTI and SVOGI to achieve global illumination. It seems your knowledge is product of Unreal marketing. It is not that easy to create another engine. Just buy one with high quality and improvised it further. If there is another engine there that can match Cryengine. It will easily catch many developers attention. See their latest ray tracing demo on reflection. You will wonder why Unreal and Unity can’t release a demo like that. Because their engine is limited by its core engineering.