Does the ACE are broken in LY 1.17 ?

I made preload with contetn.bnk, but this do not show up any triggers from it.

I tried to use “update” from ACE and “Refresh Audio” from main menu, but without any luck, - triggers list are still empty.

so for now I have to manually editing XLM files in Lumberyard\\dev\ActionGame\libs\gameaudio\wwise directory to add trigger that works !

currently I 'm adding triggers like so, just add new section into xml file with

   <ATLTrigger atl_name="laser_shot">
<WwiseEvent wwise_name="laser_shot"/>

this finely works for gamelancher and editor.

But this way is no handy, so what might be a cause of this issue?

Why ACE do not show unassigned trigges from soundbank in own menu?