Does the GameLift AWS Client SDK support iOS?

Does the GameLift AWS Client SDK support iOS?

I see Android instructions in the readme, but I don’t see iOS instructions. I do see TARGET_ARCH = APPLE, but I’m not clear if that means MacOS, iOS, or something else Apple-related…

Most Google searches seem to funnel me towards – but I don’t see an GameLift module in there.


Customers are not supposed to call GameLift AWS calls directly from the client.
If hacked, that client could then do an attack, like creating millions of game
sessions which would scale up the fleet and cost the customer a fortune.

customer should create and use a backend service to authenticate the player, rate-limit
calls to the service, and have the backend service call either StartGameSessionPlacement() or StartMatchmaking() instead if they use Flexmatch.

Bottom line is there
is no SDK for GameLift IOS or Android. This scenario is not best-practice,
and not supported.

Thank you,

Al Murray :slight_smile: