Download the characters from the Dream big. Build bigger GDC 18 video

Lumberyard Characters

Want to dive into animation? Get started quickly using these free Lumberyard characters, including two characters with cinema quality facial rigs. Whether you’re looking to integrate them into your final game or to quickly prototype animation ideas, these characters are rigged and ready to go. Includes all the characters from the “Dream big. Build bigger” animation: Rin (cinema quality), Hope (cinema quality), Caveman, Warthog, Cowboy, Horse, Mech, Wombear, Alien, and Demon.

Thanks guys… will be nice to play with :slight_smile:

awesome, thank Lumberyard :slight_smile:

very nice thanks for this guys!

BTW… when will you guys implement the Arcadia Demo as a FPS sample level :slight_smile:

@Binky_LMBR It looks like Rin and Hope aren’t included in the download on the page? Are those available somewhere else?

It also looks like the materials are pointing to a special network drive:


Thanks for reporting this — I’m very sorry for the troubles. I’ve let the team know for immediate action :slight_smile: Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you @Binky_LMBR for creating all this content for us! :stuck_out_tongue:

Could we have them in FBX form? Not all of us are so lucky to have Maya…

Very fair point! Poking the team about this — sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Yeah, thanks for adding Rin & Hope :slight_smile:

PS: But I can’t see Rin & Hope in the package, is this a mistake?

Yeps–we’re working to update the package ASAP. Stay tuned for updates! And sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Thank, I see that the package is updated now, there’s Hope in the package, but I don’t see Rin, maybe it’s the mistake in the description of the topic?

Rin (cinema quality)(?), Hope (cinema quality), Caveman, Warthog, Cowboy, Horse, Mech, Wombear, Alien, and Demon.

Anyway, I think Lumberyard should make a video on Youtube about this package, for example, a facial control demo. More people should know about this package and this package should not be forgotten.

Solid point @HDN—I’ve passed this note to the appropriate teams :slight_smile:

In our journey to improve and grow, what other things would you like to see showcased/offered as packages for Lumberyard?

@MissingCharacters — Interesting. Checking in with a few folks about this as well. Hang tight and sorry once more :

Thank @Amonster_LMBR

One thing maybe a little extra but I really think you should do is: making tutorial how to animate the characters in this awesome package (especially facial animate). IMHO, there are 3 reasons for doing this:

  1. This package will always live, people will know it when they come to the tutorial on Youtube to learn how to animate.

  2. This will promote for Lumberyard with the Maya 's community, people come across the tutorial to learn about Maya (or check for tips & tricks) and realize he can make it big with Lumberyard.

  3. There are lack of free decent tutorial on Youtube for animating character with Maya (especially facial animate) right now - free educate is good, good free educate is even better. Actually, currently I don’t know how to properly do facial animate with these awesome characters.

Totally! I think it would be super awesome—to your points, it helps multiple communities, we’re never done learning so more is fantastic. Just out of curiosity, for animating facial rigs, wouldn’t it be similar in core concepts to full body animations? I know that’s more to that but just for this topic (also, I’m not an Animator so I could be massively inaccurate xD)


Maybe facial animate is similar in core concepts to full body animation (I guess, cause I’m not an Animator too :slight_smile: - at least ATM), but I think animate facial is a real art, you can see that there is a facial animate GUI (I don’t know how to use it now), to do real emotion facial animate, there must be tips & tricks from the experts. This is real interesting for the artist.

Much agreed! It’s the tiny details that make the larger picture so lifelike — have you seen the Making of The Last of Us? It’s definitely complicated looking in just the setup and hand-keying items D: