Earthquake effect in Script Canvas

Hi Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool, at least for me, it activates after three seconds and the ground shakes for three seconds and then inactive again and again after three seconds the ground shakes, this is a loop ( create this effect by myself ) :blush:

:zero: :one: Create an entity and adding a script canvas component

:zero: :two: Download link My Script Canvas Graph :point_down: (10.9 KB)

:zero: :three: Add my graph to the entity and then run the game ( Crtl + G ) or simulate the game ( Ctrl + P ) :wink:

this a shot of the earthquake effect in lumberyard :heart_eyes: :point_down:


It’s very simple, in the event that an earthquake occurs, forces are added to the physics of the entities , with a script event in the level , this force can shake the entities , it’s really interesting :wink:


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