Editor crashes when i try to duplicate an entity that contines a high quality shadow component.

steps to reproduce:
1- create a entity
2- add a actor (/or Mesh) component
3- add a high quality shadow component
4- duplicate that entity

This happens only when an high quality shadow component is attached to the entity.

visual studio 2017

lumberyard 1.17

same issue with Lumberyard 1.18 :frowning:

@MrMilad, sorry we missed this one. I’ve created Jira issue LY-93809 to track this internally and see if we can’t figure out what’s going on. We’ll update this thread when we have a fix.

Thanks for checking.

@petrocket and @MrMilad,

I just re-enabled High Quality Shadows on my side in Lumberyard 1.22 and I’m no longer getting crashes.
So this seems to be fixed in LY 1.22

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Yap, confirming that it’s fixed. Thank you!

No you didn’t. No you won’t.

Hey @wcb and friends - sorry we didn’t update the thread notifying you of the fix :frowning: but it is fixed :grinning: as you have discovered.

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