Editor keeps crashing when jointed breakable object collide rigid body

Hey, I was trying to test jointed breakable object with RigidBodyEx entity, but the editor keeps crash when the breakable object is collided by other rigid body. The mesh is created in blender and exported with BCRY exporter (7067-blender-and-cgf-files.zip (75.2 KB)blender-and-cgf-files.zip notice: in .blend file, just ignore the first layer). Here is my entity property settings in lumberyard (the upper entity is a default RigidBodyEx entity with mass=100kg , ‘can break others’ checked and ‘resting’ unchecked:

As shown in the image, with command ‘p_debug_joints 1’, everything seems OK. The joints and proxy appear to be correct. But it crashed… with this:

I also used visual studio to debug, and got this:

Any idea what’s wrong with it?

By the way, will lumberyard support a more understandable way to create breakable object in the future? Or will it support Nvidia blast for example?


OS: windows 10 1709 RAM:16GB GPU: GTX 1060 CPU: i7-7700HQ

lumberyard version: (build from source code with vs2017 -all -profile)

Gems enabled: all except cloud gems and crylegacy removal