Editor Navigation Issues

Adding or removing components to/from an entity with enough components that you need to scroll to see them all will result in a random location in that scroll box as the editor’s focus when the component is finished being added or removed.


Adding or removing combo boxes in the Asset Editor results in collapsible groups sometimes collapsing or opening when not requested. The editors focus on the Asset Editor will also jump to new locations in the same scenario.

I am not sure about this issue, because I have an entity that has a lot of components (character entity), and I added and removed a few to see and everything seems to be in the right location.

Do you use any self made components on your entities?

no everything is in engine for the components. A lot are gem based, but nothing self made.

Maybe this could be a factor. I think it has to do with a dispute between level data and slice data associated with components on the entities though.

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