Editor Px Errors in Debug Mode

I thought I should post this.

I compiled everything in debug mode because I wanted to figure out how to deal with the crashes I’ve been getting in the editor when trying to go into play mode. Still haven’t figured that out. But I noticed I get a lot of these:

<11:16:59> [Error] (PhysX) - PxErrorCode 4: NpSceneQueries multiQuery input check: direction must be normalized

Now, I normalized all the direction inputs in script canvas just to be sure and I continue to get these errors.

Hi @wcb,

Thanks for reporting this, we will investigate it closer on our side. In meanwhile, could you please share some details on what PhysX nodes do you use in script canvas, this will help us to track down the issue. Thank you!

Ray cast local and world space. Try Relative Move. On collision persist. On Trigger Enter and Exit. In one of the ray cast I’m shooting it a direction that is normalized but I do make the length 0.5 (not the direction). Maybe that’s related. It may also be relevant to crashes/freezing that happens when I try to enter play mode in the editor because it seems to freeze up due to a physics thread being suspended.

Thanks for the details! We are looking into the issue. Ticket #LY-114269

I’d also note that the outputs from ray casts don’t seem to match up with what goes in. I tested this by drawing a ray cast using the inputs versus what’s outputed and they don’t match but it does seem to use the inputs. And by outputs I mean the translation, direction, and distance don’t seem to match.