Emit GameLift Errors


I recently tried to implement a RuleSet with a rule requiring that players each selected the same “Room”

      "name": "BrokenRuleSet",
      "type": "comparison",
      "measurements": ["teams[red].players.attributes[roomName][0]"],
      "referenceValue": "teams[blue].players.attributes[roomName][0]",
      "operation": "="

I’m not fully sure why this rule does not work, (I assume it’s because string comparisons don’t work??) but that’s beside the point I’d like to address here.

I was able to apply this rule set to my configuration, but unable to find a match with it. I looked all over for logs to help me figure out why matchmaking was broken with this configuration, and I learned that gamelift can emit logs to CloudTrail. From CloudTrail I could see logs from before I applied this rule in my rule set— However I was seeing NO LOGS when I had the above rule in my Rule Set.

In fact, from CloudTrail I was unable to find ANY error logs from gamelift at all!

How can I get gamelift to emit error logs?