EMotion FX Animation editor, Bones are displaced from actor

Looking at the new animation editor, using the SampleProject, If I enable the bone labels they are displaced from the actor.

Zooming in seems to move them more in place but the level of zoom is so high as to make the view unusable, moreover the labels do not zoom and are in a small (for my eyes) font.

Please see image below for the displacement.

Moving to animation (wrong space)

Interesting – let me check in with the team on this topic. Sorry for the weirdness @j3h. And Welcome the the Lumberyard Community! :smiley:

Hi @j3h - could you please tell us a little bit more about your setup and environment? We are not seeing the same behavior or getting the result you are getting in the image above. Please tell us a little more, such as:

  1. version of Visual Studio you are using to recompile the engine after enabling the animation editor GEM

  2. operating system

  3. type of graphics card

  4. Lumberyard build number (on the main menu bar at the top)

This information will help us get started debugging your particular situation. Thank you!