Emotion FX One Animation To The Next

Does anyone know how to make one animation go to the next (Like Idle to Walk) using the “W” key sort of like any game that has W to walk. Thx for the help :grin:

hi! for this you need:

  1. actor
  2. motion set (few animation fo actor - idle, walk, run)
  3. anim graph with simple anim blending
    you can use blendspace1D for starts
    add few motion for this node and set value what will be represent this animation on the line.
    so for instance 0 for idle
    0.5 for the walking
    and 1.0 for running
    then you can manage this value from c++ or lue or ScriptCanvas(for last I’m not sure xD)
    if player press W button you send to anim graph value = 0.5
    if player press W and Shift you send to anim graph value = 1.0
    if player do not pressing W button you send 0 into this param(‘myParameterForSpeed’ in example) for anim graph

Thanks @fluffy Big help great work! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to add to fluffy’s answer. He said use a blendspace 1D but just to start. Once you’re comfortable with that, you may want to move to using a blendspace 2D. The shortcoming of using a blendspace 1D is that the blending will go through the motion nodes sequentially. This works for idle-walk-run because those will usually occur sequentially, but it won’t work if you added a strafe or sidestep. If your game needs to blend from walkforward to walkleft for instance, you should use a blendspace 2d.

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Thanks @friendMaster2000 Great response will look into blendspace 2d and try out a few new animations I have to work with. :slightly_smiling_face: