Enable Retargetting..has anyone been able to use this feature? When I check the box on the anim graph, it works great in the animation editor. The problem is that it will not save so I can use retargetting in game mode.

I still have not found a solution. Maybe someone knows how to at least make it enabled by default, even if it involves changing a script.

Hey @Huntsberger,

The “Retarget” check box in Animation Editor in Lumberyard 1.14 is not actually working when attempting to save it in the AnimGraph, apologies for any confusion. This is targeted to be fixed in the next release.

Is there some kind of workaround until then?

Sadly, no. There is not a workaround to override the save to the AnimGraph file since it is a binary format.

Well, I just installed 1.15. Retargeting is still not usable in game. Unless I am missing something, the retarget check-box does not stay checked when you exit the animation editor.

Anyone know the status on the retarget check-box?

Hey @Huntsberger,

Is your .animgraph file marked as read-only by chance? I’m not seeing any issues in 1.15 with it retaining the Retarget checkbox after saving the Animation Graph and exiting Animation Editor.


Also as a side node, if you re-save or save out a new Animation Graph, it should now be in JSON format so you can hand-edit it in a text editor if you look for “retarget” near the very bottom of the file and set the value to “true”.

cool, thanks.

I just had to resave the animgraph into a new folder.