Engine freezes for a few seconds after exiting game mode

Engine freezes for a few seconds after exiting game mode. This is really not convenient, because with the run-through version of the engine, this problem was not observed. I worked on 1.23 and everything was great!

Hi @didzey,

Thank you for letting us know about this! What version of LY are you running right now? And does this occur every time you exit game mode, or only for certain levels?

If it helps, I used to have this problem in the last version and I found out that if I removed the physx cloth gem it would no longer hang. I don’t know if that’s relevant but I don’t experience that problem in the latest rollout.

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Do you have any objects in your level that use PhysX Cloth components? Or is the presence of the Gem what changes the behavior?

And just to be clear, you’re saying that you saw the issue in 1.25 but not in 1.26?

I am not the person who made this report. I’m just adding additional information about my experience with hanging when going into the game from the editor. I don’t have this issue anymore in 1.26 but I did have this issue in whatever version Cloth was first added.

Whoops, sorry for misreading! Thank you for adding some additional context, it will hopefully help us track down the source of the issue

I used to use version 1.23 and this problem was not there. I am currently using the latest version. 1.26 and there is a problem. Mister Wkb says you need to turn off physics, but then I won’t be able to make a game, because this is a special function that I need. There is nothing superfluous on the stage, there is a standard simple scene in view the animation GIF.

I didn’t say to turn off physics. I just mentioned I had a similar problem when I had the Cloth gem enabled. I no longer have this problem. It was merely to provide them with information that may help them troubleshoot.


Thank you both for the information! I’ve cut a ticket for the issue (LY-122971)

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