“Engine, Game or Editor Crash” “Lumberyard has encountered an error and needs to close”

Hi! This inittially was a reply to my “WAF Error” post, since WAF error is solved and that post got longer and longer I decided to open this new post for the new problem.

I’m facing yet another error and there is no log file this time either. When I launch the editor, it says, “Engine, Game or Editor Crash” “Lumberyard has encountered an error and needs to close”

I once again googled it and there was posts about high dpi problems for previous versions so I changed that to compability mode but it didn’t worked. I changed screen resolution didn’t worked either.

Edit: I made sure asset procceccor from previous launch was closed and did not worked either. And windows language is english.

bin141 editor exe: It says Refreshing the asset catalogue for a while and then gives the error.

I tried a variety of different things, I tried so much stuff that I can’t name them all. High DPI, Screen Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Administration, Firewall stuff, changing enabled gems… always checking if asset process working in the background or not before launching editor… and list goes on… and at this point I don’t know what else to do. I will try finding that specific version of VS2019 that Lumberyard works and install that version and try to run bin142 editor.exe with that.

UE5 Early Access: You download and then click install. It installs and it just works.

Cryengine 5: You hit download, you hit install and voila! Editor ready to use, it just works.

Lumberyard: Error after error after error after error after error… What the hell Lumberyard? ! ?!?

For vs2019 just get the professional of the version you want, the installer has the community version in it. It is confusing, but that is how they do it with the older versions I guess. Maybe this will help.

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Thanks for the tip. Installed the vs2019 and tried, same error. I’m reading “Known Issues” part of 1.28 release notes, I’m reading everything and none seems to work for this problem. What a ridiculous software!

Oh, it could be an error dedicated to 1.28; I am currently on 1.27.1 which has worked great, but nothing new was needed for me on 1.28 so I never upgraded. If this is true, I am not sure how to fix this one.

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Well thanks anyway you helped a lot.

I figured the cause of error might be one of the gems so I disabled all of the gems except the red (required) gems and the game gem. Now it gives yet another different error, it says “Game cannot be initialised, please refer to the editor log file.”

And also after all, all the errors, everything I have wrote, not a single reply from lumberyard team…

Between Unreal, Unity, CryEngine and Lumberyard, there is no comparison, Lumberyard is not even good enough to be a part of the comparison. It’s not a game engine compared to those, the amount of variation Lumberyard errors have, how in every single step I have faced a new error is hilarious. It is simply hilarious and it really genuinely does feel like a joke and it’s not even funny.

I had similar issue when I update the Windows to 21H2 and solved with latest nvidia driver clean installed.

I am sorry I cannot help you more with these errors. A lot of them can be solved with looking into all the error logs, but I do see your frustration with this engine. A lot of people hate it for this reason, and the one thing the devs are doing is switching it over to C-Make. This should fix so many peoples issues, and if you do decide to stop trying Lumberyard, I hope to see you back at a later date, at least to be able to try it out when all the new changes are added. I hate to see people not liking an engine because of reasons like this, but they are fully understandable, and I hope the new changes coming will fix all the issues that it seems 90% of people get when building and opening projects.

I’m not sure if I’m done with it. :smiley: It has nice features. I don’t like the people responsible for this clusterf&^+% of an installment process. So they give you “Setup Assistant” which is actually a fan, and all the sdk’s and all are sh%+^t. So when you launch setup assistant sh%+^t hits the fan and everywhere is covered with errors now. Here is a crazy idea, put a working, functioning built of Lumberyard with literally everything the engine needs to function with all folder path adjustments, into one folder, enable all gems, built them, and then zip it, upload it. So that I can download it, unzip it and press editor.exe . Oh but lumberyard team might argue file size this that etc… Or maybe they would argue it’s not “professional” so in order to make it feel more “professional” there is all these hula hoops. You know what, file size and all, that’s okay. Rather than dealing with all these circus of errors and validations and configurations and rebuilds instead of all that chore, if it’s file size is a bit bigger that’s okay. At this point it would be more professional if there was an install.exe which unzipped an already compiled and configured and all the gems enabled Lumberyard version. Oh but that wouldn’t be “modular” I guess. This is not modular. This, is not working :smiley:

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Good news! Damn thing works now :smiley: That doesn’t mean I approve of this, installment process requires some serious improvements.


Great to hear! I know the whole installation will also be changed in a later version, and the improvements look great. So after all the new implementations get added in, I can assure you this engine is going to be like using something brand new.