Entity Inspector during playmode


I am having an issue with the Entity Inspector during play mode. What I would like to do is to run the game and change the properties of some entity to see the results in real-time. In this specific case, I need to tweak the player camera position while playing modifying some properties that describe its behaviour, e.g. distance from the player, max/min pith angles, hor/vert move speed, etc. What happens instead is that, when I select an entity in the Entity Outliner, its details appear in the Entity Inspector normally, but as soon as I enter play mode (no matter if hitting the play button or ctrl-G), the Inspector becomes empty, the selected entity details disappear and I can’t even see them, let alone modify them! I recall seeing in one of the tutorial videos, can’t remember which one though, that this is possible, meaning that at least in this video when entering play mode the entity inspector does NOT clear out. Is what I want to do possible or is the approach wrong? Can someone help me?

Also another more general question, how do I free the mouse and keyboard when entering playmode without stopping it? IS there a key shortcut for it?

Thanks a lot in advance for any info you could provide.


I don’t think entitiy inspector works during game mode, I could be wrong but I tried once. when you activate game mode, the entity inspector gets locked.

This could be a useful feature, but not working when I tried.