Entity nodes type inconsistency

There is a inconsistency that is hard to debug (also because the debugger is not working with the new entity system).

In the following picture there is the base problem:
I want to compare the parent of a clicked Entity it is equal to the HexParent entity. The Math:Equal node does not work with Entities at all (it won’t recognize the input as EntityIDs but floats and will always result to True).

I’ve wrote an Entity:Equal which does the similar thing but not restricting the input type to ‘float’.

This works in the following case:

But not in this case:

It seems that the EntityId output from MouseRayCast is a different type than the one from FindEntityByName, and also they both are different from the EntityId node output.

Did someone came across this?
It sure seems not to be a good way to solve this by messing with every node that has an EntityId as in/output so there might be something different not right with this?