Environmental effects (snow) on painted vegetation

Hi all,

Having fun with this so far!
Quick question: I’ve been playing around with the snow environmental effect and it’s pretty damn neat. One thing though is the snow does not cover vegetation (objects) placed using terrain -> vegetation -> paint objects, while it does cover objects placed via Objects -> brush.

Am I missing some way to enable this behaviour? (I’m assuming this is for optimization).

I had a look at the code but I’m still somewhat confused at this (v early) stage where the engine begins and gems end and how to actually script things without using visual scripting (never been a huge fan). The snow seems to be handled directly in engine with a gEnv->p3DEngine->SetSnowSurfaceParams(…) call?

Anyway, any help appreciated :slight_smile:

We are glad to hear you had fun play around with Lumberyard. The snow entity not supported in vegetation brush, you would need to create textures in separated vegetation objects to do that.