Error creating project

Hello Everyone,

So I am unable to create a project, I have installed all the MFC since I saw in a thread about this causing an error but nope still fails to create a project, everything is installed that is required and using VS 2017. please see the attached log file.

Any help is most appreciated.

7415-createlog.txt (702 KB)createlog.txt

I’m not sure if i can help but there are 2 points that stand out to me:

[WARN] Game folder 'StarterGame' configured in bootstrap.cfg is the enabled game for this build. In order to run or debug for the game 'GOne', they need to be set in bootstrap.cfg under the 'sys_game_folder' entry accordingly

I think that you have to make G0ne your default game first.

And the other thing is the -p parameter.
Have you made your own spec called G0ne ?

Okay i have looked into it again.

I don’t think that you can call lmbr_waf with the --enabled-game-projects parameter, because i can’t find any declarations for this parameter (only msvs). That means you should try this:

  1. Add your game to “Game Projects” in /dev/WAF/default_settings.json
  2. This allows you to use the -p G0ne parameter because after that lmbr_WAF will look into your project directory under WAFSpec for your spec called G0ne.json
  3. Also open the bootstrap.cfg in /dev and check if sys_game_folder is set to your project ( sys_game_folder=G0ne )