Error executing WAF during project build

I’ve seen a few other forum posts with this problem, but they all seem to have slightly different causes. Figured I’d throw my log up and see if anybody could help me. I’m not too good at this. 6485-lmbr-create.txt (25.5 KB)lmbr-create.txt

Hey @Lachlann, welcome to the Lumberyard Community! I’m very sorry for this experience. Could you upload a screen shot of your Setup Assistant and options you’ve checked for this build, please? :slight_smile:

Installed MFC and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks for the help @Nocturn and @PyraRP

Hey @Lachlann,

Nocturn is right on the money here. MFC is generally not checked by default in the Visual Studios installer and it not being installed is likely the problem. If you access the VS Installer and opt to Modify, you should be able to install it.