Error in Getting Started Guide Terrain- Terrain Vegitation

On page 18 of Lumberyard_Basics-Getting_Started_Guide-(04)_Terrain_v1…Step 10

  1. Select the first tree on the list and change the following settings in the attributes list. Do this for each of the trees in your list.
    ? ± Size Var = 0.2 - Randomizes the tree’s size
    ? Random Rotation = On (checked) - Rotates the tree randomly
    ? Density = 100 - Defines the density of the trees

The user is directed to set the Brush Radius to 50, and the Density to 100… This will pack the circle tight with trees. I recommend changing the value to 49 or 50, so as to get a result like the pictures.

Hello @RustyOldBuilder, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll try this out and see if an update is necessary or make a note to let users know of the various options available to get the desired look.

Hello @RustyOldBuilder,

Thanks for this input. I just wanted to reply to let you know we’ve updated the tutorial to reflect your suggestion.