Error in LG Smartphone with Android 6.0

Hello Lumberyard developers and partners.
I got some information here in Brazil that branded smartphones / manufacturer LG with Android 6.0 Masrshmelow is giving error in 1.7 when the project is done and saved in Android. The question the community has asked me is this: Is there any list of smartphone models and Android version that “is not compatible with Lumberyard?”
Anyone who knows anything, thanks for the help! Thank you!

Hello @julianocristian,

We don’t currently have a list of supported android devices at this time. In general we have tested Android 5.,6., and 7.* versions that run on Qualcomm and Arm/Mali hardware. At this time we strongly urge people to use OpenGL ES 3.1 as we are still improving our support for OpenGL 3.0.

For our internal testing we use phones that have both Qualcomm and Arm hardware that run on Android 5.* and 6.* versions with success. Android 4.* is a work in progress since that also requires OpenGL 3.0 support.

If any log files could be attached to this question we could take a look and see what is going wrong and provide more guidance. This can be the game.log off of the deviceor the adb logcat output from the device as it tries to run Lumberyard

Thank you,

Hello ChrisC@AGS,

Thank you for the informations.
I’m going to pass on the Hardware information to the community with the ARM and Qualcomm chipsets.
Here in Brazil we have several studios with an interest in using LY for mobile games devs. Thank you for your attention on behalf of the community.
Thank you!

No problem! I’m excited about helping out the game developers in Brazil to use Lumberyard! We have ordered an older LG phone for us to test Lumberyard on and improve our support.