Error increasing maximum instance count

Hello Everyone!

I am facing an issue with auto-scaling my fleet’s instance count.
On my “Service Limits” panel, I can see the limit is 20 instances for c5.large

but whenever I try to increase the limit in the scaling panel I get the error
“Request for 2 c5.large instances exceeds the limit of 1 available”

I also requested a limit increase to the support but it didn’t seem to solve the problem…

Is there any other known way to solve?

Two potential causes here:

  1. If this a fairly new AWS account, your service limits can be constrained beyond whats shown in the service limits view. You will need to open a ticket with AWS support to fix this

  2. You have created other fleets and these are still ‘active’ in your account. This could be capacity you’ve assigned to other fleets but are not actively using. Consider scaling down fleets. If you have no active fleets, then again you will need to open a ticket with AWS support to fix this.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Remember you need to ask for a service limit increase for the GameLift service, not for EC2. That can also be a source of confusion.